JS Assistant - chatbot that helps you learn JavaScript in Slack


Effective learning always requires assistance and mentorship. Junior developers asks questions to senior colleagues, they usually have very common and simple questions, but the thing is that they have a lot of questions. It takes a lot of valuable time from software developers answering simple questions or assisting their junior colleagues, providing them necessary materials and learning directions.

Fortunately this problem could be easily handled by JS Assistant chatbot which lives in Slack.

Skills evaluation test

First of all JS Assistant needs to learn about the user. It starts with simple JavaScript quiz which helps to identify knowledge level of the developer. And based on that JS Assistant chatbot will provide assistance on what should be improved in a practical manner by suggesting resources like external links to tutorials, guides and references.


Learn about language statements

In this example you can see how to ask the JS Assistant about for loop or asking for anonymous functions explanation.

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Ask for learning materials


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