Daily Positivity chatbot helps you live a happier life


Some believe that positive thinking is the key to living happy life. Reminding yourself that everyday has something to be grateful for really changes the mood to the positive side.

Daily Positivity is Facebook Messenger journaling chatbot. While daily journaling idea isn't a new one, Daily Positivity chatbot has one big advantage over all the apps and notebooks out there designed for this purpose: it feels like your personal coach talking to you every single day in the morning and in the evening. This feeling make the experience even more up-lifting.


Get started

It all starts after you click get started button when your interact with the page for the first time. The Daily Positivity chatbot introduces himself and how it works. Which is quite simple - it asks three questions every morning at 9am local time and two questions 10pm. 

Expect messages from Daily Positivity after subscribing. Here is how it looks like

Get started with Daily Positivity

Get started with Daily Positivity


Every morning at 9am Daily Positivity Messenger chatbot asks 3 main questions: "What are you grateful for", "What do you want today to feel happier" and of course affirmations.

Getting a report

Getting back the past is easy, just ask the chatbot for the report with a date.

Daily Positivity chatbot is completely free to use, try it now!