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It all started when...

ChatBotKitchen is an in-house project of Simply Technologies, a company located in the heart of Yerevan. Simply is a software development company which beside many other important things values innovation a lot. We simply love to be on the edge of new technologies, new experiences and be a part of the new development in the tech.

After experimenting with couple chatbot projects, organizing a Chatbot Hackathon, we fell deeply in love with chatbots. So why chatbots aren't available to any Facebook Page owner? Nobody really made them accessible for non technical people, and we decided to do that and shared our kitchen where we cook chatbots for Messenger, Slack and other platforms with the world :) 

Our vision

We believe that customers' each and every online communication experience with businesses should be satisfying, compelling and just be great. We see the world where AI helps businesses to provide rich and instant communication experience and an innovative and personalized discovery.

Our mission

We design and build the best online user interaction experience using latest developments in NLP and AI in general. We make available latest AI technologies to all business owners to improve their customer experience.